Emeralds Recordings - mp3 files

The Emeralds Mitchell Recording Studio Demo (in Lubbock late 1959 or early 1960)
The Emeralds-Mitchell Recording Studio - Dreams and Wishes
The Emeralds-Mitchell Recording Studio - Spring Fever

The Emeralds Demo
The Emeralds-Demo - Little 'D' Special
The Emeralds-Demo - Search For Love
The Emeralds-Demo - Untitled Instrumental

Riviera Demo
The Emeralds-Riviera - Little 'D' Special
The Emeralds-Riviera - Search For Love

Indigo Sides
The Emeralds-Indigo - Dreams and Wishes
The Emeralds-Indigo - Mr. Brush

Neophon Demo
The Emeralds-Neophon - Desifinado
The Emeralds-Neophon - Hold It
The Emeralds-Neophon - Midnight on Malibu
The Emeralds-Neophon - Ooh Poo Pah Doo
The Emeralds-Neophon - Theme
The Emeralds-Neophon - This Should Go On Forever

Moonglow Sides
The Emeralds-Moonglow - Donkey Kick Back
The Emeralds-Moonglow - Little 'D' Special
The Emeralds-Moonglow - Moonlight Surf
The Emeralds-Moonglow - Ooh Poo Pah Doo
The Emeralds-Moonglow - Sally's Snake
The Emeralds-Moonglow - Sittin' Bull

Emeralds Live - Recorded at the 2006 Brownfield High School Reunion in Lubbock Texas
Bony Marony
Dreams and Wishes
That'll Be The Day
Honky Tonk
Ooh Pooh Pah Doo
Stormy Monday
Hold It
Western Medley
Cherry Pie
Linda Lu
Rock Around The Clock
Wipe Out
He Don't Love You
Johnny B Goode
Over The Mountain
Wooly Booly
Midnight Special
The Twist